Gathering as a church this Sunday!

We are happy to announce that after President Trump’s comments and Governor Wolf’s response, we will begin to meet this Sunday, May 31, at the church, at 10:30am. We will have hand sanitizer in places just as we did the last Sunday before we closed. Masks will be required except for children 9 years old and younger, and those who have underlining health issues that will prevent them from wearing a mask. Also, those who are on the stage will not wear masks when on the stage. Social distancing will be in place, and everyone will be seated in family units, one row apart. There will be no nursery or children’s ministries, and children will have to stay with their parents the whole time they are in the building. If you are not feeling well, for the well-being of everyone, please stay home. We are also encouraging everyone who is high risk, or is caring for someone who is high risk, to stay home. Also, if you are not comfortable returning to a gathering at this time, we understand and respect your decision not to come. If you knowingly come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 please do not come to church for two weeks. For all of those who would fall into a category where you will be not joining our service Pastor Scott will still be live streaming the sermons Sunday mornings, but now at 9am. We will be taking collection through a lock box in the back of the auditorium. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at (570)592-5259 or